Company Snapshot

Since its inception in 2004, SeaOne Holdings, LLC has focused on the development and global patenting of its gas monetization technology, Compressed Gas Liquid or CGL™. The CGL system offers the ability to more cost effectively, efficiently, and safely deliver both natural gas and natural gas liquids to consumers in worldwide markets.

SeaOne's proprietary CGL manufacturing process infuses the raw and hydrocarbon gas into the appropriate amount of a hydrocarbon solvent. The solution is cooled to a temperature of approximately -40°F (-40°C). The resulting liquid solution is stored at a moderate pressure of approximately 1400 psig (100 bar) and is the basis of the Morris, Agnew and Hall patent for the Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL®) system filed in August 26, 2004.

SeaOne Holdings’ business is to fund the development of worldwide CGL projects and license its patented CGL technology. SeaOne Holdings’ wholly-owned subsidiary, SeaOne Caribbean, LLC, has licensed the company’s technology and is developing projects in the Caribbean, Central and Latin America.