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  • Environmental

    SeaOne's projects reduce carbon emissions by 80% by replacing diesel and coal-fired power generation with clean-burning natural gas.

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  • Social

    Our business creates access to affordable power for the most underserved geographies which greatly improves their economies and social systems.

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  • Governance

    SeaOne’s commitment to ethical behavior is ingrained in how we do business at the corporate and project level.

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  • Our commitment to sustainable energy investments stabilizes economies and reduces carbon.
  • SeaOne delivers natural gas and NGLs to replace fossil fuels for applications in power generation, the commercial & industrial sector, and transportation.
  • CGL is better for the environment than fossil fuels and LNG.
  • CGL is a more environmentally friendly method for delivering natural gas than the LNG alternative.
  • The CGL method is 30% cheaper than the LNG method to deliver the same amount of natural gas. Our customers not only get the same fuel for less money, but a superior product including NGLs and with a much better emissions profile.
  • LNG has 60% more emissions than CGL, regardless of scale or capacity. LNG's cooling method (the process to liquefy methane) requires 2/3 more electricity than CGL's does.
  • CGL uses less energy and less footprint to deliver an equivalent amount of natural gas.


  • The company is proud of its lean management team with diverse backgrounds.
  • SeaOne's board leadership provides significant industry, environmental, health & safety expertise.
  • Modest executive compensation is strongly aligned with performance metrics to drive shareholder value.
  • There is valuable female leadership at the top management level of SeaOne.
  • We exceed state and federal regulations for energy infrastructure.
  • SeaOne's governance and business model allows foreign governments to cut fuel costs in half, greatly improve the lives of its citizens, divert money formerly spent on fossil fuels to other needs, and exceed its sustainability goals.



Defining ESG

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria. These are the three criteria investors are increasingly using to evaluate financial risk, and areas that companies like SeaOne prioritize when thinking about our business operations.

ESG in the Energy Space

There is a wide range within the energy industry of products and practices that are more environmentally friendly than others. SeaOne’s business hinges on providing affordable, reliable, and cleaner energy in areas where this is not currently utilized. Through our Compressed Gas Liquid™  system, we are able to deliver energy which drastically improves the quality of life, carbon emissions, and economic picture of the areas in which we do business.

In the Caribbean, for example, the cost of electrical generation can be double U.S. power costs due to their reliance on imported oil. Imports of high-cost petroleum liquids can be as much as 25% of their GDP. Many governments are burdened by subsidies to cushion energy costs, and they are unable to access higher efficiency energy products via cleaner fuels, thus falling sorely behind on their sustainability objectives.

One way that SeaOne is addressing this problem with a better energy solution is by replacing oil-based fuels with natural gas for power generation. Our Puerto Solo project in Colombia will be installing 228 MW of propane and natural gas fired power generation to provide reliable and affordable power in southern Colombia. SeaOne’s infrastructure solution will, for the first time, provide our customers in Colombia with the ability to source U.S. based natural gas and NGLs in a single supply chain. This results in not only millions in fuel savings for Colombia, and a significant improvement in numerous socioeconomic variables, but also a drastic reduction in carbon emissions.

Investing in People through Providing a Sustainable Energy Future

SeaOne is taking meaningful action to address climate change using both its Compressed Gas Liquid™  technology and our unique business model. We believe it is important to use our business to not only deliver shareholder value, but to make a significant contribution to society. We lead the industry by incorporating ESG principles at both the project and corporate level and exceed the benchmarks put in place by others in our same business.

Our business model replaces fossil fuels like heavy fuel oil and diesel with cleaner burning natural gas and natural gas liquids. This in and of itself offers a tremendous benefit by reducing fuel costs up to 50% and reducing emissions up to 80%. However, we go a step further by being the most environmentally friendly and affordable delivery method for these fuels. We emit 60% less emissions than an LNG delivery method and are able to deliver the same volume of natural gas for significantly less. We leverage the abundant U.S. gas market to help fix regional balances and economies who are currently crippled by high cost fossil fuels and not eligible for LNG deliveries.

CGL can provide a complete gas system within a country – natural gas, LPG, petrochemicals, etc. while at the same time enabling them to stay within budget and meet their emissions objectives. The long-term impact of this switch is not just environmental gains, but a revitalization of struggling economies, and a major improvement in the lives of many, especially women. Our business model enables everyone that participates to win, and we leave the upside with our customers. This is our mission, and we are already seeing these actions make incredible economic, environmental, and social impacts.


With CGL, SeaOne Has:

  • Enabled a Lower Carbon Future
  • Developed a Better Way of Delivering Energy
  • Invested in People, Growing Economies, and a Sustainable Energy Future