Message from the Chairman and CEO, Forrest Hoglund

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Shale oil and shale gas have made an enormous impact on the supply of oil and natural gas in the United States. However, the benefits of this new technology have not filtered down to our closest neighbors, the island nations in the Caribbean. Low-cost natural gas from the U.S. was not available to this region until SeaOne Holdings developed and patented the CGL™ system.

Now, for the first time, fixed price natural gas and gas liquids contracts are available to customers which provides them with an up to 50% reduction in fuel costs and 60% reduction in emissions. The CGL fuel delivery system is lower cost, safer, easier to operate, and more environmentally beneficial than any other alternatives. In fact, I tend to think of CGL as the shale oil and shale gas equivalent to midstream operations.

SeaOne’s CGL system is very scalable and flexible and is viable for both large and small markets. Our system is simple and uses conventional oilfield operations such as gas plant, pipeline, and fractionation applications, which have all been in use for over 50 years. SeaOne’s lower costs and simplicity of construction also means that fixed price construction contracts are available.

It is exciting to think that our company is able to deliver a more valuable product that carries natural gas and gas liquids together in a single cargo in a way that is that is still flexible, easier and less costly to operate, safer, and better environmentally than other transportation methods. It is also unique in that we have patented CGL all over the world.

We look forward to working with customers and partners in developing this business which I think can easily become an industry standard.


Our team

Forrest E. Hoglund
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bruce Hall
President and Chief Operating Officer

Tolulope O. Okikiolu
Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

David Fairley
Senior Vice President, Fuels & Commodity Supply

Gregory E. Castleman
Vice President, Marine Development

Langley Wall
Vice President, Business Development and Investor Relations

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