SeaOne's Business

CGL™ offers a wide range of business and technology applications

SeaOne is a logistics company that operates similarly to a pipeline. SeaOne receives our customers' products at our terminal, efficiently transports, and then delivers the products to another location. This is done for a simple flat fee.

SeaOne’s Business

  • SeaOne transports its customers' natural gas (methane) and Natural Gas Liquids for a flat fee
  • SeaOne's globally patented Compressed Gas Liquid (CGL™) system combines the entire wellhead stream - natural gas and NGLs - into one liquid product for more efficient shipment and delivery to market

Customer-Friendly Business Model

  • Being able to combine two commodities which before had two separate supply and logistics chains into one simple one allows our customers to capture a lower delivered cost than before
  • SeaOne's system makes it possible for companies and countries to secure natural gas and NGLs in an economical manner. It will serve groups who could not procure natural gas before due to their location, lower volume requirement, or other constraints