CGL System


While both CGL and LNG are simply methods of delivering natural gas, there are numerous differences. CGL LNG

Delivered Product

Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, Ethane, Isobutane, Pentane

Natural Gas

Liquefied Gas Composition

Full Gas Stream (C1 – C6+)

(1280 -2800 BTU/Scf)

Mainly Methane, C1

(950-1100 BTU/Scf)
Operating Condition

1400 psig (100 bar) - Low Temp

-40°F (-40°C)

Atmospheric (PNG) - Cryogenic Temp

-256°F (-160°C)
Equipment Required

Standard Gas Plant – Low CAPEX

Small Carbon Footprint

Large Cryogenic – High CAPEX

Larger Carbon Footprint
Pricing Delivered Price Tied to U.S. Gas Market: stable, and ability to lock in long term pricing

Delivered Price Often Tied to Global Crude Pricing: unpredictable and costly

Sloshing During Shipment None - Cargo Containment is 100% full, therefore no sloshing issue Presents challenge during Operations
Boil-Off During Shipment and Storage None - Cargo Containment is 100% full, therefore no free surface area or boil-off issues

Presents challenge during Operations

Added Expense