Colombia Energy Port, Pipeline, and Power

With US DOE export authorizations, a port concession and two initial power plants permitted, Puerto Solo represents SeaOne’s most advanced CGL™ project.

Project Overview

The project will provide efficient power and natural gas infrastructure into the supply/production-limited and historically inefficient Colombian market.

  • Puerto Solo Complex: multi-use port development consisting of full marine infrastructure, a natural gas and NGLs receiving, storage and distribution terminal and an import/export terminal for refined products
    30-year Port Concession Contract with Colombia National Infrastructure Agency
  • Power Generation Facilities: permitted to build 148 MW and 80 MW power plants
  • CGL Production and Export Terminals on Texas and Mississippi coasts will produce and ship CGL to the Puerto Solo CGL Receiving Terminal
  • CGL Marine Transportation: purpose-built Compressed Gas Liquid Carriers to transport liquid gas cargos from CGL production and export terminals to the Puerto Solo CGL Receiving Terminal
  • CGL Receiving Terminal and Pipeline to Yumbo: terminal will utilize SeaOne’s proprietary designs for the CGL receipt and storage facilities, conventional gas fractioning and send-out facilities for natural gas and LPG transport from Puerto Solo to Yumbo and the broader Colombian market. Puerto Solo is seeking approval to pursue construction of the 61 km Yumbo natural gas  pipeline.


Puerto Solo Infrastructure Overview

  • Phase I of the Puerto Solo Complex project will consist of key facilities:
    • Marine terminal including marine dock, truck loading facility, access road and ancillary pipelines
    • NGL receiving, storage and distribution terminal, with onshore and offshore storage facilities
    • Refined product storage terminal, with gasoline and diesel storage capacity and distribution terminal
  • The port concession contract gives SeaOne the 30-year exclusive right to develop and operate Puerto Solo
  • Puerto Solo's port concession owns the environmental permits necessary to construct and operate the planned port developments

SeaOne’s natural gas receiving terminal will enable natural gas to be received,
stored and delivered to customers and the broader Colombian
gas market through the Puerto Solo Natural Gas Pipeline.

Pipelines From Puerto Solo to Yumbo and Broader Colombian Market

  • Puerto Solo is seeking approval to pursue the construction of the 61 km natural gas pipeline beginning within the Port Concession area and extending to Cali, Colombia.
  • Route of the pipeline has been approved.
  • Pursuing a shared service corridor. Environmental Impact Study and prior consultation is underway.

map puerto solo buenaventura yumbo

30” pipe, capacity: 450,000 Mcf/day of natural gas (ROW approved, potential for other lines)