CGL™ Receiving Terminals

CGL provides unrivaled flexibility, transportation and delivery benefits.

Connecting global markets with affordable, clean fuel

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CGL receiving terminals are designed to receive and store CGL cargoes and fractionate the CGL into natural gas, NGLs, and/or custom blends for delivery to our customers. These terminals are connected to natural gas and liquids pipelines and power generation to alleviate regional shortages and offer access to reliable and affordable clean power and fuels.

CGL Receiving Terminal RenderingCGL Receiving Terminal Rendering

SeaOne’s market focus is currently in the Caribbean, Central and South America
and our first CGL Receiving Terminal will be located within our Puerto Solo Complex.

SeaOne’s DOE export license is specifically tied to connecting FTA countries in the Caribbean Basin and Gulf of Mexico with access to the U.S. natural gas and NGLs market through CGL deliveries. This enables us to provide these regions with affordable deliveries of cleaner fuels to offset their current oil-based fuel imports, high power costs, and current market shortages.

Through CGL, SeaOne is able to offer our customers substantial reductions in both fuel costs and carbon emissions.