CGL Production and Export Facilities

SeaOne’s first CGL Production and Export facility is currently being developed in Gulfport, Mississippi USA. The “Clean Fuels Supply Project” will serve the Caribbean, Central and Latin America with U.S. produced natural gas and NGLs.


Gulfport airview highlighted SOH area


  • Facility Connected to Natural Gas & NGL supply
  • Phase 1 Production: 400,000 Mcf/Day
  • Phases 1 - 4 Production: 1.6 Bcf/Day 
  • 40 Year Lease on Site with MS Port Authority
  • Regulatory Approval Received
  • Usage of Standard Gas Plant Technology and Patented CGL Containment System
  • FEED Completed
  • U.S. DOE Approved for Export to FTA Countries
  • No Adverse Environmental Impact