Leading the Energy Transition

CGL™ offers a Carbon Optimized Technology for the Energy Industry.

SeaOne is helping positively impact the world’s energy mix by displacing higher emissions fuels and complementing renewables. Our technology drastically shrinks the carbon footprint of energy transportation.

The CGL™ system delivers lower emissions fuels and cleaner alternatives for power generation, transportation, and other energy demands.

We support the transition away from coal and oil to cleaner burning natural gas and NGLs by creating the most economical and environmentally friendly delivery method in the market. We take it one step further by being significantly more environmentally friendly than LNG.

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  • Environmental

    Commitment to making positive environmental impact using CGL technology and implementation of low emissions projects.

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  • Social

    Our business creates access to affordable power for the most underserved geographies which greatly improves their economies and social systems.

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  • Governance

    SeaOne's corporate governance structured ethically and with broad diversity.

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With CGL, SeaOne Has:

  • Enabled a Lower Carbon Future
  • Developed a Better Way of Delivering Energy
  • Invested in People, Growing Economies, and a Sustainable Energy Future