CGL™ Receiving Terminals

CGL receiving terminals are designed to receive and store CGL cargoes and fractionate the CGL into natural gas, NGLs, and/or custom blends for delivery. These terminals are connected to natural gas and liquids pipelines and power generation to alleviate regional shortages and offer access to reliable and affordable clean power and fuels.

CGL Receiving Terminal RenderingCGL Receiving Terminal Rendering


CGL Deliveries Enable a More Valuable End Product

  • Reserve owner maintains the full value of natural gas and NGLs all the way to delivery—100% of the product is available to sell, as there are no losses during processing and shipment
  • Natural gas and NGLs are delivered to market in the most economic and environmentally friendly method possible
  • Lowest carbon intensity methane export and delivery method—the CGL delivery chain delivers high-capacity natural gas with a minimal environmental footprint