SeaOne Caribbean's fuels supply project earns additional recognition as North America's top strategic infrastructure project

-- CG/LA Recognition Follows SeaOne’s Top Billing for Latin America –

Houston, TX, December 3, 2018 – SeaOne Caribbean, LLC (“SeaOne”), which is developing the Clean Fuels Supply Project for natural gas and natural gas liquid (“NGL”) delivery to the Caribbean, today announced that CG/LA Infrastructure has recognized SeaOne’s project as North America’s Top Strategic Infrastructure Project for 2018. The award follows SeaOne’s recognition earlier this year from CG/LA as the top infrastructure project for the Caribbean and Latin America. SeaOne was selected from more than 2,000 project candidates.

CG/LA Infrastructure Inc., which is the leading global consultancy offering strategic advisory and development services to the private and public infrastructure community, identified the following factors in awarding SeaOne this premier recognition in both North and Latin America:

  • Contribution to global, regional, and national competitiveness;
  • Contribution to local and regional economic productivity;
  • Job creation potential over the lifetime of the project;
  • Business opportunity in the next 3-18 months, and over the lifetime of the project;
  • Carbon efficiency / Sustainability;
  • Country's track record for delivering projects on schedule and within budget.

Forrest Hoglund, SeaOne’s Chairman and CEO, stated, “The high cost of energy in Latin America presents lasting obstacles to prosperity and growth, and we are deeply gratified that CG/LA has recognized SeaOne’s transformative potential to remake the regional economy. Specifically, SeaOne’s patented technology will help ensure that Caribbean and Latin America customers greatly reduce their dependency on foreign oil while benefiting from more affordable, reliable, and cleaner fuel supplies. Closer to home, SeaOne’s business model supports both the energy and infrastructure industry in North America by opening up the U.S. energy market to consumers who have been otherwise unable to gain access. The technology further possesses the potential to become an industry standard all over the world.”  

As a part of SeaOne’s Fuels Supply Project, SeaOne plans to build a Compressed Gas Liquid (“CGL”™) production and export terminal in Gulfport, MS, to deliver clean, affordable fuel to Caribbean, Central and Latin American markets. CGL is a solvated product which is the result of SeaOne’s patented process of combining natural gas and NGLs for more efficient transportation as a single cargo. The final solvated CGL product includes methane, ethane, propane, butane, isobutene, and pentane. CGL presents an alternative to the high-cost and non-environmentally friendly fuel oil products the region currently uses for power generation and other fuel needs. SeaOne’s project will play a key role in assisting the countries of this region with achieving a sustainable energy economy.

Key, defining characteristics of SeaOne’s Caribbean and Central American Fuels Supply Project include the following assets:

  • CGL Production and Export Facility to be located at the existing Port of Gulfport, Mississippi;
  • Compressed Gas Liquid Carriers (“CGLCs”) for the marine transportation and delivery of the CGL cargo to markets;
  • CGL Receiving Terminals located at markets in the Caribbean, Central and South America. The Dominican Republic is to serve as a Central Caribbean Hub and Colombia to serve as a Southern Caribbean Hub.


About SeaOne Holdings, LLC

Houston-based SeaOne Holdings, LLC (“SeaOne”) provides a patented Compressed Gas Liquid, or CGL Marine Gas Monetization System that provides a means to deliver natural gas and NGLs to regional markets at a significant discount to the current cost of fuel in the Caribbean, Central and Latin America. In this way, SeaOne aims to remake the energy cost and supply picture for the entire region, catalyzing new opportunities for economic growth and vitality and improving the lives of millions. For more information, please visit


Jonathan Morgan
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